About CaseX - Inventors. Dreamers. Doers.

CaseX - An Inventors Company. (CaseX) is a cutting edge product development company with over six patents at the forefront of technology and new product development. The Company lead by Inventor Steven D. Cabouli intellectual property and proprietary product and solution based business, design and human factors, product development, material & computational mechanics, engineering materials, material manufacturing and productions systems. CaseX' primary focus areas are human factor systems, biometric communications, sensor based electronics, cyber security and personal security systems.

CaseX is primarily an engineering and technically oriented work force holding  Clearances. Virtually all of CaseX' work is performed in a secure facilities at secure location. CaseX' primary end customers are high end retailers and National Security related agencies.
IntelPacific CaseX brings together IntelPacific and CaseX’s respective strong capabilities and complementary portfolios, sales teams and R&D. We seek to become the technology industry’s most trusted advisor, providing capabilities spanning strategy development, consultative services and solution deployment and support to help our customers and partners drive the digital transformation of their businesses.

We work with organizations around the world, in every industry, in the public and private sectors, and of every size, from startups to the Fortune Global 500. Our customers include global money center banks and other leading financial services firms, manufacturers, healthcare and life sciences organizations, Internet service and telecommunications providers, airlines and transportation companies, educational institutions, and public sector agencies.