CaseX Worth “2 Microsofts”


I can’t believe so many investors haven’t heard about CaseX Microsoft founder Bill Gates told a group of cyber security and security experts.

Special Type Technology

Speaking about a special type of technology that wasn’t around back then, Gates said if someone ever does invent it: “That is worth 2 Microsofts." Fast-forward to today, and someone finally has figured it out… yes, Bill Gates' wish has come true. And experts say the market opportunity is now far, far greater than 2 Microsofts. To put that in perspective, that’s far greater than getting into Microsoft stock 21 years ago.

Microsoft stock has minted many millionaires since and, if you believe Gates (and why wouldn’t you?) it’s exciting to see that opportunity here again! Bill Gates isn't alone. Top business leaders are beginning to wake up.

  • Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, said he thinks this new technology is the key to Amazon's future.
  • Sun CEO Greg Papadopoulos is calling it "a real revolution.”
  • Even super investor Warren Buffett says that it will have a "hugely beneficial social effect.”

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    CaseX CAGR rates

    Private Equity Fund: (CaseX)

    100,000 r3@7.0%2y 114,490

    25,000 r2@6.0%2y 28,090

    10,000 r1@5.0%2y 11,025

    1,000,000 r4@8.0%2y 1,166,400
    1,000 r@3.0%2y 1,061

    Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)

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