Investors Briefcase

Plan for Tomorrow with the Expertise of CaseX
Investor Relations

Draw upon the knowledge of CaseX Investor Relations expertise and planning advice.

Reaching Your Financial Goals?

Your CaseX:CX Private Client Advisor will work with you to:

Gain a deep understanding of your investment objectives, investable assets, time frame and outline a strategic path designed to reach your goals

Global Patent Strategies & Market Expertise?

CaseX:CX access to comprehensive Global strategies and markets

Global Strategy Team Leverages global market and economic insights
Global Solutions Team Continuously manage assets strategies across globe.
Global Legal Advisors successful global patents and market strategies
Understands your goals and helps you decide which investment strategies right for you.

The CaseX Approach and Perspecitve from CaseX

With your individual investment in mind, the CaseX Approach combines:

Investment Management
investment philosophy revolves around you and can be complemented with more specialized strategies and themes.

Investment Solutions
Globaly positioned to deliver consistent, long-term, returns.

Market Perspective
As the global economy continues to evolve, CaseX offers unique economic and industry insight.

By learning about your personal and investment goals, time frame, CaseX is able to determine what investments are best suited for your needs.

How CaseX Increases Investors Value ?

  • Zero Competition

  • Broad Business Avenue

  • Vast Value Addition

  • US Mobile Payments Will Reach $142B by 2019

  • Cybersecurity Market Will Grow to $170B by 2020

  • Biometrics Market Will Reach $24B by 2020

    1. Forrester Research
    2. Cybersecurity Ventures
    3. MarketsandMarkets Next Generation Biometrics Market Report, June 2015; HIS Inc. November 2013

    Product Market Targets ?

  • Major Luggage and Bag Brands

  • Major Safe Manufacturers

  • Automotive Companies

  • Door and Lock Manufacturers

  • Office Files and Folders.

  • Logistics of Top Secret Documents.

  • and many others...

  • Continue to develop patents for competitive products.

    Future Products ?

  • Women’s handbags (iBag) with fingerprint reader and bluetooth

  • Briefcases with GPS and biometric reader

  • Jewelry cases

  • Biometric Gun Holsters for Public Safety

  • Biometric cockpit doors for FAA

  • Biometric screening for Border Patrol

  • Pill cases (iStash)

  • Series of confidential kevlar impenetrable biometric RFID projects for the U.S. Government.